3 Tips to Keep Flying Insects Away from Your Outdoor Lights

Flying insects from flies to moths have an entire world to navigate, but where do we often find them? They regularly make a nuisance of themselves flying around outdoor lights, and at times, zooming into our homes once the door is opened. Here are a few helpful tips to keep them away.

  • Light Bulbs – Like a lighthouse, flying insects find themselves drawn to outdoor lighting like a beacon in the night. Brightness and heat are two reasons most flying insects are attracted to artificial light. Bright ultraviolet (UV) light and the warmth of high wattage light bulbs draw them in, confusing their navigation abilities. To combat this, replace outdoor bulbs with lower wattage options that emit yellow light. With a lower wattage bulb and yellow light that’s higher on the color spectrum, insects will have a harder time seeing your outdoor lights.
  • Citronella – Insects have a keen sense of smell, especially mosquitoes. While flying insect congregate around your outdoor lights, consider delivering a form of bug “tear gas.” Citronella candles and torches have been known to repel insects due to their strong smell. Lighting citronella near your lights and outdoor living areas mask carbon dioxide emissions and scents that attract these insects. They’ll think twice before flying near your lights.
  • Air Flow – It’s a well-known fact that flying insects don’t fly well in certain weather conditions, namely high winds. Installing ceiling fans or placing freestanding, oscillating fans around your outdoor living space will make it much harder for flying pests to navigate their surroundings.

If flying pests become a bigger problem in and around your home, contact your local Orkin professional for a free estimate and a customized a plan that’s right for you.

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