Trend of fancy dresses 2015 in Pakistan

beautiful fancy dresses
fancy dresses

The fancy dresses play the main role in setting a trend in the fashion industry. The designer’s dresses have their own charm and style. And the designers of our fashion industry design those clothes according to culture and traditional values of Pakistan. These dresses makes the person wearing it more beautiful and charming. The designers design those dresses according to latest trends. They take into account all the factors while designing the dress. Like they design the outfits according to seasonal changes, according to consumer needs, their changing pattern of demands etc. By take into consideration all these important factors, then the designers of our fashion industry design new outfits and provide it in each and every outlet of the country.

fancy dresses to buy online
fancy dresses online

Designer’s collection of dresses are designed for both male and female. Our designers design the outfits for every category. They design the clothes for ladies, mature women, young girls, little dolls, as well as for young boys and gents too. They design the dresses for every type of occasion. In today’s era, you don’t have to worry about the designing of your clothes that what type of embroidery you should do, what type of matching and contrasting colors you should chose. Now in this modern era, if you have to go to a party or a wedding, you just have to go to a boutique and you will find a huge collection and variety of outfits immediately. You can find stitched dresses as well as non-stitched dresses. It all depends on your choice. And these dresses are not so much expensive. They are designed in such a way that not just upper class people or upper middle class people, but middle class people can also purchase those dresses easily.

Types of fancy dresses:

There are many different types of dresses that are very much in fashion now-a-days. These dresses play the main role in expanding the style and latest trend in the Pakistani fashion industry. There are many fashion designers of our Pakistani fashion industry who are doing fabulous job in changing the trend of fashion industry and to give it a completely new look. Due to their hard working and awesome work, they are representing their country in all over the world. And the name of Pakistan is shinning in international markets of fashion industry as well. The types of clothes that our designers stitch includes following categories:

• Dresses for kids

• Fancy outfits for men

• Fancy clothes for women

• Stylish and trendy fancy suits for young girls

• Dresses for mature men

• Dresses for mature women as well


Fancy Dresses for kids :

stunning fancy dresses for kids
fancy dresses for kids

For kids there are numerous types available. These are usually designed by every designer because they believe in the strategy that when someone come for the shopping, they also do shopping for their kids as well. Due to this reason, kids outfits are available in numerous variety in almost each and every outlet of the cities.

Kids dresses for boys:

For boys , kids dresses can be found in various varieties. Because kids outfits are sold in very large amount. Whenever a couple comes for their shopping, they also do shopping for their kids as well from the same boutique. Thus this is the main advantage of keeping kids outlets in the boutique along with the outfits of elder people.

Kids dresses for boys includes following types of fancy outfits:

1. Embroidered Kurta shalwar

2. Shalwar qameez

3. Jeans with t.shirts

4. During wedding season, kids outfits includes large variety of sherwani and pajama as well

Kids dresses for girls:

For little girls , there is also a large amount of variety available at the boutiques. Because our fashion designers of Pakistan have proved themselves all over the world for their talented and artistic work in every field and in every category. These designers have worked a lot not for only mature men and women dresses, but they have also put their efforts for the stylish and beautiful dresses of little girls as well. So that whenever a mom comes in their boutique for her own shopping, she also shop for her daughter from the same boutique.

Now-a-days, it is the trend in this new year of 2015 that in every function, party, wedding, the dress of mother and her little daughter matches with each other. This trend is in fashion that there should be same dress and same color contrast of the outfits of both mother and little daughter. So to present this fashion in a new and fashionable way, our designers have made the remarkable efforts in this regard. So that whenever anyone sees this matching combination of the dress of both mother and daughter, they would not stop themselves to appreciate.

The fancy outfits for little cute baby dolls includes:

  1. Skirts with sleeveless shirt
  2. Sleeveless maxi
  3. Choori dar pajama with simple shirt
  4. Umbrella frocks
  5. Lehnga choli
  6. Short shirt with plazo

Fancy dresses for weddings :

stunning fancy dresses for weddings
fancy dresses for weddings

Wedding day is the most important day in any one’s life. In this day, both the bride and groom attains the special protocol and attention by all the guests of the wedding. Along with the attention, the bride and groom’s wedding dresses also got special appreciation and attention by the guests. Their wedding dresses are one of the most important and precious element of the whole wedding.

In addition to the wedding dresses of bride and groom, the colorful dresses of all other relatives, guests, friends are also very eye catching and worth appreciating. The designer’s dresses of wedding are designed in such a way that they make the person wearing it more elegant, beautiful and stunning.

Fancy wedding outfits for men:

The wedding outfits for men are also very beautifully designed. For every occasion , there is different design of dress with respect to that particular occasion. Sometimes , people do matching dressing according to the color combination of the dress of the groom.

Fancy outfits for wedding occasions of men includes:

For Mehndi:

  1.  Embroided kurta shalwar
  2.  White color shalwar with fancy kurta
  3.  Totally white shalwar qameez

For Barat:

  1. Choori dar pajama with sherwani

For Valima:

  1. 2-piece suit or 3-piece suit

Fancy wedding outfits for women:

The fancy outfits for women on the special occasion of wedding includes large variety of designs, color scheme, and combinations of different things on the dress. The wedding dresses are designed with so much care and experience, either it is the wedding dress of the bride or it is the fancy dress for any one else. The reason is that these dresses are the symbols of the brands and they prove the quality of their product material through their good looks and better experience.

Fancy outfits for ladies on wedding occasion are as follows which are in fashion now-a-days:

For Mehndi:

  1. On the day of mehndi, lehanga with long shirt is in fashion
  2. Choori dar pajama with tail frock and matching paranda and traditional matching jewelry.

For Barat:

  1. On the day of barat, long shirt with plazo is in fashion.
  2. Now-a-days, trend of wearing short shirt with Patiala shalwar has also come again.

For Valima:

On the day of valima, any type of fancy dress like long embroidered shirt with choori dar pajama or tulip can be chosen.

Stylish and trendy fancy suits for young girls:

fancy dresses online for girls
fancy dresses online

Now-a-days, as young girls love to do get together with their friends, colleagues, relatives, cousins etc. Thus they need stylish and beautiful dresses for every occasion . They want that they get ready to wear dresses immediately so that they don’t have to wander around for the designing and color combination of their suits. Today, everyone is so much busy in their hectic routine, everyone has the tough work schedule thus people cant find time to search the dress from one place to another. They want that they would just go to some boutique and purchase the required suit immediately without wasting any time on the designing and color selection etc.

In fulfilling the needs of the young female generations, Pakistani fashion industry has played a very optimistic role in building the fashion sense and and setting a trend in all the age groups of people of Pakistan.

Now in this busy life , there is also the facility of online shopping as well. You don’t have to even go to the boutique of your city. You just have to order it by sitting at your home and your required item will be presented at your door. Now-a-days, many fashion designers have start providing their services online. They start selling fancy dresses online in order to provide ease and comfort-ability to their customers.

For young girls , following types of dresses are in fashion now-a-days:

  1. For college or university going girls, the fashion of wearing long shirts with jeans is very much common.
  2. With long shirts, tights of different colors , mainly of black, brown and white color is in trend now-a-days.
  3. In any formal occasion, the trend of wearing choori dar pajama with embroidered shirt is common.
  4. In any special occasion or party, the fancy embroidered tail frocks or mexies are in.
  5. In school or college function, now-a-days, short shirts with Patiala shalwar is also commonly used by young girls.

Fancy Outfits for mature people :

casual dresses for women
casual fancy dresses

Pakistani fashion designers have done different types of work on the dresses of mature people that they have designed. Like :

  • On some dresses, they use thread embroidery.
  • While on some outfits, sequin, stones and diamantes is used.
  • Sometimes the designer provide those dresses in which applique work has been done.
  • Some dresses are of velvet, satin and kaamdaani.

There is also very much variation in the stitching of the suits. They are stitched in different designs so that people who see that dress automatically attracts towards it and they would not go without buying that dress.

As now-a-days, air line shirts and long flyer styles, caftan and capes are very much in. They are finished with different types and styles of piping, borders, with different styles of ribbons, with unique colors of lining etc.So, our designers provide the dresses in these styles so that the customer wearing that dress looks stylish and people would know that he/she has a good fashion and wearing sense. Thus, with the efforts of the designers of our fashion industry, Pakistani outfits adds real grace to the wearer.

For mature men, usually shalwar qameez of sophisticated embroidery is used. And all these fancy dresses with price is also available on different online shop websites with reasonable prices that every type of people can purchase it.

fancy dresses with price for girls
fancy dresses with price

Fashion shows for the designers of fancy outfits:

Pakistani fashion and stylish dresses are shown in regular fashion shows that are shown on weekly basis. These fashion shows are organized by Pakistani top class fashion designers.

Some of the famous Pakistani fashion shows are:

  • Sun-silk fashion week
  • Veet etc

These shows are shown as live telecast and promoted very much on various channels so that people could see it from anywhere by sitting at their home and could know about the latest trends and fashion that is popular in the country. National and multinational firms organize different types of fashion programs in various cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad etc. Thus, fashion shows are the important source for the promotion of fashion as well as to boost the fashion industry too.

These shows are also highlighted at various social media networks because many girls see the fancy dresses Facebook and other social media to know the latest trends.

The dresses which are shown in the fashion shows depicts the mixture of south Asian as well as central Asian fashion style along with some eastern touch. These famous brands of Pakistan fashion industry introduce unique trends in different parts of the country. Because the dressing style and culture of every region is different from the other. The style of embroidery and color scheme is different from one province to another. Especially In sindh side, the embroidered shirts are very much descent and eye-catching. Thus, one can say that Pakistani dresses are very beautiful, eye-catching, elegant and are designed by our designers according to the changing needs of weather and customer’s demands as well.

Famous Fashion Designers of fancy outfits in Pakistan:


party wear beautiful fancy dresses
party wear fancy dresses

In Pakistan, we have large numbers of famous fashion designers that have changed the fate of our country. They have really proved themselves globally due to their artistic mind and intelligent creativity.

The most famous fashion designers of Pakistan are:

  1. Deepak Parwani
  2. Nilofer Shahid
  3. Maheen Khan
  4. Sana and Safinaz
  5. Rizwan Beig
  6. Amir Adnan and Huma Adnan
  7. Ronki Kamikar
  8. Maheen Kardar
  9. Sadia Mirza
  10. Aijaz Aslam
  11. Maria B and many many more.

These fashion designers have tried and are trying their best to introduce themselves internationally by keeping in mind the culture of Pakistan, its trends , so that their dresses could represent the heritage of our country on International ramps.

These designers have designed their clothes according to all the four seasons of the country. In summer season , immediately they present the new stock that suits for summers. For winter season, they design such outfits which are suitable for cold weather. Same is the case of other two seasons as well. Autumn and Spring seasons are also welcomed with new designs and variety of outfits. In this way, large collection of stocks arrive on regular basis according to these seasons. And for the promotion of these stock, huge promotions are done and large amount of marketing is required for this promotion.

Usually, in every season, shalwar qameez comes with different variations. Because the traditional shalwar qameez is accepted and appraised in all over the world. For both male and female , it comes in various varieties. Women also take dupatta or scarf with these traditional dresses. Shalwar is like loose trouser or sometimes in the style of choori dar pajama as well. And kameez is long shirt or short shirt.

Shalwar qameez suits every type of person. Because it is the most descent and sophisticated dress ever. It is the dress which express the Pakistani people and their customs, their traditions and most importantly their religion as well. Shalwar qameez can be used as casual form or in formal way depending on the look and fabric that was used during its designing and making.

The different types of fabrics that are used in making these outfits includes:

gul ahmed replica 2800
lenin fancy dresses for sale


  1. Chiffon
  2. Silk
  3. Crepe
  4. Satin
  5. Net
  6. Georgette
  7. Banarsi
  8. Jamevar
  9. Velvet
  10. And last but not the least, Lawn

Because Pakistani lawn is famous world wide. The best quality lawn can be found in Faisalabad city of Pakistan as Faisalabad consists of textile mills in which best quality fabric is produced. By which the best quality fancy dresses can be designed.

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