Sadia Imam-Pakistan Celebrities Wedding Pics

Sadia Imam wedding 4

Sadia Imam-Pakistan Celebrities Wedding Pics

We brings Pakistan Celebrities Wedding Pics. Today we will talk about Sadia Imam who is well known and stylish actress of our Television industry. She is the leading actress and her mind-blowing acting has increased her fan following list.She is not only a superb actress, but also she is a super model.

Sadia Imam has married to Adnan in 2012. This was her second marriage. First marriage was with Aslam Khan that did not went for long, and they took separation due to some personal reason. Now Sadia has left the television industry and takes Hijab on demand of her husband. She is spending a happy life. We wish her best of luck. Below is the pics of Pakistani Celebrities Wedding Pics Sadia Imam.

Pakistan Celebrities Wedding pics- Sadia Imam

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